Hole #1 is a scenic dog leg left, with two ponds and a bunker right in the heart of the fairway for added difficulty. The green is reachable for many which from the tee which makes it both tempting and hard to decide on how to play the tee shot as all the hazards also create difficulty when trying to play it safe. 

Rainbow Ridge Golf Course offers golf lessons for all ages through the Get Golf Ready program. RRGC is also partnered with Future Links Driven by Acura to provide Golf In Schools initiatives in the region to help grow the game of golf.

Wildlife is common place here at RRGC. The serene environment of Manitoulin Island provides a great atmosphere for both people and animals alike.

The 2nd Annual Ridge Golf Invitational was one of the premiere events of the summer here at RRGC. Pictured above are some of our spectators getting ready to witness the Million Dollar Hole-in-One Shootout.

Spectators getting ready to watch the Million Dollar Shootout. Our setup here at RRGC makes tournaments a lot of fun for both the players and spectators. The clubhouse deck overlooks holes 18 and 1 which creates high energy finishes at our tournaments; especially if it goes into a playoff!

A blank cheque, awaiting the name of the Million Dollar Hole-in-One Shootout winner.

The designated shooting area on hole 18 for the Million Dollar Shootout.

Mr. Stoneypoint getting the rundown from Assistant Manager and Golf Instructor Jamie McCarville before making his attempt at $1,000,000.

The Mixed Open finished with a tie; a playoff was done on hole 18 to determine the winner. Pictured above and below are the two teams shooting neck and neck for the crown of Manitoulin Island's top golf couple.

This one was right down to the wire as the two teams were not to be outdone by one another as they went shot-for-shot.

Two playoff holes later, we finally had a winner. There were no sour faces after this one as golf is a game of sportsmanship, and these two teams played a great game to the finish.

The green on hole #2 on just an average Thursday at RRGC.

Hole #5 is one of the more visually appealing and fun holes at Rainbow Ridge. A downhill par 4 with bunkers to the left, and a pond and large tree to the right. It's a tricky tee shot, and one of the hardest greens on the course to boot!

Looking down hole #5 from the top of the cart trail.

The view from the green on #3 is quite astonishing; one that makes you realize just how beautiful it is on Manitoulin Island, and allows you to slow down and take it all in.

Twilight is always a great time to get golf in at the Ridge, especially with the Twilight deals here you can't go wrong!

Rainbow Ridge Golf Course is a proud partner and distributor of Manitoulin Brewing Company's Swing Bridge Blonde Ale.

Rainbow Ridge Golf Course has lots of room available for advertisement both at the clubhouse and on the course. With such a diverse and large audience on annual basis, RRGC is capable of helping you meet your marketing goals through our customizable advertising packages.

Advertise with Rainbow Ridge!

Advertise with Rainbow Ridge! The golf course is a place where fun and opportunities meet. A lot of business is regularly conducted on the golf course – companies have golf outings, personal business meetings take place, and corporate luncheons are common place in the clubhouse. Furthermore, Rainbow Ridge Golf Course is a place where people create vivid and long lasting memories through fun experiences with friends and family. It is these experiences that have helped RRGC establish a positive brand image among our consumers, and is also a great opportunity for your brand to further build its reputation and increase awareness by having your brand visible during these experiences.  

Fling Golf is one of our special offerings here at RRGC as we are one of 6 Golf Courses in all of Canada (and the only one in Northern Ontario) to offer this unique twist on the game of golf.

Fling Golf has been a great addition to RRGC as it has allowed us to become more diverse without having to make modifications to our course. It has proven to be especially popular with the younger crowd here at RRGC.